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Parkinson SuperWalk Abbotsford

ParKrahn Team 2018
ParKrahn Team 2018


With over 13,000 British Columbians diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and the worldwide incidence expected to double by 2040, the need is greater than ever to ensure those affected by the disease are getting the care they need and deserve. Our collective efforts can make a real difference, and that’s why we’ve teamed up as the "ParKrahn" team to raise funds for Parkinson SuperWalk.

The idea for our team name, “ParKrahn”, comes from the word “parkour” which is a training discipline using only the human body and the surroundings, with a focus of maintaining as much momentum as possible while still remaining safe. As a person who is living with PD, Carolyn’s desire is to keep moving as long as possible and what gives her momentum for this comes most often from her family and friends. Also, the first four letters of our team name is “park”, which also happens to be the first four letters of Parkinson’s.

As the cause is close to our hearts, this September we’ve committed to participating in Parkinson SuperWalk, and we would really appreciate your support. Funds raised will help provide critical programs, services, advocacy efforts and research contributions.

To help us achieve our team’s fundraising goal, we ask that you please consider making a donation to one of our team members individually.

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