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Parkinson SuperWalk Kelowna

Good Vibrations

Our Kelowna Good Vibrations Team is comprised of 20 women with Parkinson's Diseae (PD). We meet monthly to socialize and share our stories of our PD journey. Conversation always comes around to who is experiencing what symptoms and we offer support to each other along with some practical suggestions for dealing with the challenges of PD. Our symptoms differ from motor to nonmotor including cognition, anxiety and sleep issues. The progression of PD occurs slowly over time and while treatment is similar for all patients it is also specific to each individual. Consequently, many are confused and feeling quite hopeless when their treatment program fails to work optimally. Our GV Team goal is to offer our support and encouragement to each other, to persevere, never give up - NO MATTER WHAT- and to do our best as we await new research findings and treatment therapies that will improve the quality of life for all those living with PD. 

Please join us through any member of our team with a donation as we help Parkinson's Society of BC provide relevant programs and services, fund research and advocate on our behalf. 

Thank you in advance for your contribution, large or small, we are grateful for your support and caring.

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