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Fundraising Tips

Tip 1

We're better, together

Fundraising is more fun when done as a team. If you haven't already, try reaching out to your friends, family, and colleagues about forming a team. You can maximize on your combined creativity, networks, and event morale support this way.

Tip 2

Make social media work for you.

Social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, can be incredibly valuable for building awareness and asking for gifts. Posting about why you're walking, and including a link to your donation page, can earn attention from acquaintances you would not typically be able to reach out to in person or by email. If no one responds to your first post or tweet, don't get discouraged! It often takes a few asks before someone will commit to a donation.

Tip 3

Did you know that it can take as many as five "asks" to earn one donation?

With busy schedules during the summer holidays, fundraising can be difficult. Your friends and family may be trying to unplug, which can slow down your progress. Don't feel discouraged! Potentially interested donors may need a gentle reminder, so don't hesitate to follow up.

Tip 4

Personalize, personalize, personalize.

Your participant centre includes templates to make requesting donations by email easier. However, most people are familiar with generic asks. If you add a personal touch by changing one to two sentences in the template by adding your reasons for participating in Parkinson SuperWalk, you will be more likely to genuinely connect with your network.

Tip 5

Provide updates on your progress.

Sending regular updates on your progress simultaneously demonstrates the effort you are putting into your fundraising, as well as emphasizing that your success is dependent on the support of others. You can even include a screenshot or image of your walker thermometer – a handy tool to visually track your progress. This is available under the Gadget section of your participant HQ.

Tip 6

Don't be shy.

Do you know the expression, "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take"? The same principle applies to fundraising. If you don't approach someone, this is a wasted opportunity. You never know who may have a connection with your cause, or who is rooting for you from afar. So, don't be shy! Consider making a list (or check out ours) of all the different social groups you're a part of – online and offline. This can include friends, family, coworkers, classmates, church groups, recreational teams, etc. Spread your net wide and reap the rewards!

Tip 7

Remember your inspiration.

You're participating in Parkinson SuperWalk for a reason. Whether you or a loved one have been touched by Parkinson's, use this as motivation to help raise funds for much needed programs, services, and research.

Tip 8

Support can come from unexpected places.

You may reach a point where you've exhausted your personal connections before reaching your fundraising goal. Look to your community for support! You can continue to champion the cause by asking your friends, family, colleagues, and donors to spread the word about your fundraising efforts. Ask your supporters to share a link to your SuperWalk profile with others they think may be interested in supporting you. Some of the most important donations can come from surprising sources!

Tip 9

Tell your story honestly.

Life presents all of us with our own challenges; share your experience and/or connection with Parkinson's disease with your networks. When you're open and honest about your experiences, others will likely be more willing to reach out, relate and/or lend a hand in the way you ask them to – by donating to Parkinson SuperWalk.

Tip 10

Check in on your goals.

Whether you have surpassed your fundraising goal or there is still progress to be made, now is the time to evaluate where you stand. Have you already fundraised way more than you thought possible? Try aiming even higher. Every dollar helps. Do you feel behind? Reach out one more time to your contacts who have not yet donated.